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If you are looking for high-end hair extensions at an affordable price then African Braiding Hair Max is for you! We provide premium hair extensions in Baltimore, MD. While the all-natural look is all the rave these days, we still love high quality extensions that give you the flexibility to completely alter your style and look. Maryland Braiding Hair is providing the best hair extensions for the most suitable rates.


One of the biggest concerns with hair extensions is the quality of the hair being used and the quality of its attachment to your natural hair. At African Braiding Hair Max we specialize in hand-sewn extensions and seamlessly seal the extensions to your natural hair. We sell synthetic hair and human hair. When you utilize our services, your extension will look natural and blend in with your own hair.


From time to time we offer discounts and sales, allowing you to take advantage of a number of our hair extensions. Our prices are competitive and affordable because we believe every woman deserves beautiful hair.

Braiding Hair Max Maryland provide you with excellent service and quality work. We properly apply and remove hair extensions so as not to damage your natural hair. It is our aim to provide you with top-notch service in a friendly and warm atmosphere. Going to the salon is something women look forward to, and we aim to offer you the relaxation and enjoyment you deserve.

African Braiding Hair Max Maryland eliminates any unnecessary tension on your natural hair and scalp. We place your extensions where the hair is strongest, and we match the density of your hair with the density of the extensions.

For fine hair we suggest a lighter density extension, and if your hair is thicker we may suggest medium density extensions for more optimal comfort.

Call African Braiding Hair Max for high quality extensions at an affordable price. Our experienced stylists do remarkable work.




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